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MUE Lifestyle is a product line from the creators of the Makeup Eraser. The MUE Lifestyle product line is continually expanding, and below you can get some more information on the various products currently offered.

Makeup Eraser (MUE)

Makeup Eraser

The Makeup Eraser is a unique cloth that gentle removes all your makeup with just warm water. It works because of the special weave of the fiber, and it’s completely reusable. You simply toss it into the wash to clean it. It lasts 1,000 washes!

There’s no need to buy disposable makeup remover products and worry about staining your washcloths. Plus, it’s small and easy to store, making it perfect to toss in your purse, or bag, to take along with you everywhere.


AmpliLash MascaraAmpliLash is one of the newer products to the MUE Lifestyle line. It’s a mascara that will amplify your lashes. The process is simple, takes under a minute, and you will have amazing lashes.

AmpliLash is a rich, black, amplifying fiber that lasts all day and night. There’s no clumping, no flaking, no smudging, and no irritation.


Cellu-cupThe Cellu-cup is a little massage tool made of silicone. This little silicone cup will remove cellulite. Yep, it removes your cellulite.

It’s super easy to do and you’ll see a difference in weeks!

You only need to spend approximately 8 minutes doing the massage.


Retail Locations – Sell Wholesale

Do you have a retail location where you would like to sell the MUE Lifestyle products? If so then you can stock these great products at your store!

Be sure to read more about setting up a MUE Lifestyle wholesale account.


Doing a fundraiser with Makeup Eraser is a great way to earn the money you need for your non-profit, cheering team, sorority, and more. Half the sales go to the fundraiser!

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