It’s Time to Retire My Worn out Original Makeup Eraser

Goodbye Makeup Eraser

Well, it’s time to say GOODBYE to my Original Makeup Eraser.

Almost 4 years and hundreds and hundreds of uses later, this cloth has literally come apart at the seam (a hand-sewn sateen edge, that is).

This Original Demo cloth has reMUEved makeup at Corporate Trade Shows in New York City, Minneapolis, Kentucky and Connecticut; fun vacations in Mexico and Arizona; not to mention countless events in Maine.

Does it still work even without the pretty trim? Of course. Has it saved me money? Yes, hundreds of dollars! Has it reduced the number of chemicals I’m exposed to each day? Absolutely.

A yucky one-time use makeup wipe  definitely can’t do “all that”.

So many people ask me if the #MakeupEraserReallyWorks, indeed it does.

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