Two Years with Makeup Eraser and it keeps gettin’ better!

August 1st marks two years with Makeup Eraser. Who knew that a simple yet revolutionary cloth would change my world?! When I joined two years ago, we just had the original Makeup Eraser in pink- now we have six colors, a new MINI size and other amazing products!

I’ve built a team of more than 100 Divas across the USA, I’ve earned a free Bahamas Cruise, a trip to Arizona and I’m currently working on earning an all-expense paid trip for 2 to Cabo, Mexico! The Makeup Eraser has allowed me to work when I want to, which sounds cliche, but was vitally important in 2015 when family (always) comes first.

With our Wholesale program, I can offer Resellers such as spas, salons and shops our product to buy wholesale and sell retail and as a Distributor, there’s no seasonal catalogs or at-home parties which really appealed to me.

Now, I “watch the clock” since I have Reseller accounts, not just in the USA, but in New Zealand, Dubai, Brazil, Bahrain and around the globe.

I’m proud to say, that I’ve earned awards for #1 in International Sales, #1 Recruiter and 2 awards for “Appreciation”! Consistently being a Top Ten Performer has not only helped me financially, I’ve been able to share what I’ve learned with my team.

At Executive Level with this family-owned company, I’ve enjoyed the incentives I’ve earned but I also truly appreciate the real friendships I’ve created, too. (How else would a gal from Maine call a “Jersey Girl” one of her best friends?!)

So here’s to two years with the Makeup Eraser, that amazing reusable cloth that really does remove ALL makeup with just water and lasts up to 1,000 washes!

We have several other products to offer Spas and Salons, but I must say- there is nothing as simplistic as the Makeup Eraser- it really is changing the way women around the world remove makeup. And…. it’s made a difference financially and personally for me.


2 Years with Makeup Eraser! Executive Distributor



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