Love PURPLE? Love the New PURPLE Makeup Eraser!

Do you often say: “Sorry I’m late, but my Makeup is on point, today!” If so, you need the Makeup Eraser for the end of your day! Take your makeup masterpiece off in mere seconds with just warm water and the Makeup Eraser. So, spend that extra time perfecting your look knowing that tonight, you’ve […]

How to Apply AmpliLash for Amp’d Up Lush Lashes

Perhaps you’re taking a break from having lash extensions professionally applied or perhaps you’re disappointed in your regular box store mascara results.  Personally, before AmpliLash, I had never tried fiber lash mascara– it looked to difficult to apply and I sure didn’t want that “spidery look”! With AmpliLash, the professional quality ingredients make the wand […]

Black Makeup Eraser

Introducing the BLACK Makeup Eraser!

Introducing…. the BLACK Makeup Eraser! Ideal for Guys and Chicks who don’t dig pink! Removes Waterproof Makeup, Theater/Stage Makeup, Hunting Camo, Eye Black and Sports Fan Face Paint! You gotta get our new BLACK Makeup Eraser!!! LIMITED QUANTITY- please contact me directly to reserve your BLACK Makeup Erasers- available starting Wednesday, June 17th. It is […]