Guests Should Leave Memories Not Mascara Stains

Do you have out of town family and friends visiting you this summer? Get a Makeup Eraser for your guest bath- no more ruined sheets with messy mascara and lipstick stains! Or…. will you be camping, “glamping” or traveling in an RV this summer? Don’t forget to pack your Makeup Eraser for easy makeup removal […]

How to Apply AmpliLash for Amp’d Up Lush Lashes

Perhaps you’re taking a break from having lash extensions professionally applied or perhaps you’re disappointed in your regular box store mascara results.  Personally, before AmpliLash, I had never tried fiber lash mascara– it looked to difficult to apply and I sure didn’t want that “spidery look”! With AmpliLash, the professional quality ingredients make the wand […]

Get Amp’d for New AmpliLash Mascara from mueLIFESTYLE

Get pumped? Let’s get Amp’d! One of our MUE Divas had a Makeup Eraser customer ask if she had on lash extensions- she couldn’t believe this Diva’s lashes were so long and plush from a fiber mascara!!! Wow- mascara and fiber application that looks, well- wonderfully flawless! So, get Amp’d with AmpliLash, coming soon from […]

New Product: AmpliLash – Fiber Mascara

Did You Know? FIBER MASCARA was first invented in 2003 under United States Patent 6,503,521 by the originators of mascara- Maybelline! Fast forward 12 years and the company who brought you the Makeup Eraser will be perfecting fiber lash mascara with AMPLIfiber– made in USA! Curious? Excited? Message me or COMMENT below and I’ll add […]