Reviews Makeup Eraser Review did a shout out to my website in their review and guess what- they LOVE the Makeup Eraser, too! Check it out this excerpt from their review and remember to order yours here.

You never have to use makeup remover again. Yes, you heard us right! There’s a new one step system for taking off a “beat” face and all it requires is water.

The Makeup Eraser comes to us after 3 generations of women in one family reached their breaking point with the makeup removal process.  You know, the one where you lather, scrub and rinse for days on end and still have gunk stuck to your face.

After research and lots of trial and error, the polyester cloth was created to get rid of all types of makeup with one swipe, including stubborn waterproof mascara  and other residue.

And as for that weird and uncomfortable tingling feeling makeup wipes often leave–you can say goodbye to that, too. The Makeup Eraser doesn’t include any harsh chemicals and is gentle on all skin types,  so you’re also going eco-friendly without much hassle.

This may sound too good to be true, but it gets even better.

It’s also reusable and can survive up to 1000 machine washes, which is great on the environment and our budgets.

If you’re still curious about how this little life saver works, check out plenty of reviews here.

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