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Makeup Eraser Video Demo

Makeup Eraser Cloth – Video Demo

Does the Makeup Eraser cloth really work? It’s like a magic eraser, but it’s really the proprietary poly blend cloth’s special weave that removes ALL makeup with just warm water. Check it out, then get yours!

Mineral Oil Makeup Remover

Mineral Oil Makeup Remover and Why You Should Avoid It

If Canada says NO! and Europe says NO WAY to many of these ingredients, then WHY does the USA still allow them in your Makeup Removers and other cosmetics? Take the time to read what’s in YOUR makeup remover. Better yet- simply use the Makeup Eraser and don’t worry about reading science book long words!  […]

KVUE TV News: Makeup Eraser Review

Makeup Eraser is on the NEWS again with a Makeup Eraser review! After watching this TV NEWS Report, you’ll want to order your own Makeup Eraser. If you’re still not convinced then check out these other reviews.

Real Makeup Eraser Review from Flawless Beauty Bar

Seeing is believing! Another happy retail location offering their customers the Makeup Eraser! If you want to stock the Makeup Eraser at your independently-owned salon, spa or boutique in the USA or 1 of 236 countries we ship to, contact STACY and ask me about special pricing via the Makeup Eraser Wholesale Program. Some of […]

Harmful Ingredients in Makeup Removers

Harmful Ingredient Check List: What’s In Your Makeup Remover?

No matter how much a product boasts about its “organic ingredients” or “doctor-approved formula,” it’s always a good idea to check the ingredients in your makeup remover yourself. Be on the lookout for these common ingredients and their harmful side effects.* What’s in YOUR Makeup Remover? Mineral Oil – Due to its ability to remove […]

Chemical Free Makeup Remover

Using Baby Oil to Remove Makeup?

Did You Know??? Using baby oil or petroleum jelly to remove eye makeup is NOT recommended. It can leave a film that could trap oil, dirt and bacteria. And- if it seeps into your eyes, it can cause eye irritation. No worries with Makeup Eraser- just add water to remove makeup! Order yours today. Read […]

Do you have makeup stained washcloths?

Now you see it, now you don’t! Here’s an ACTUAL photo of the Makeup Eraser I’ve used dozens of times for demonstrating at events. The waterproof mascara, bright red lipstick on the left will come out in your regular laundry and look just as new as the right side! IF you do have a stubborn […]