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2016 Makeup Eraser Award Winner

Humbled. Grateful. Beyond thrilled to be recognized at the 2nd Annual Makeup Eraser Convention in Arizona with three awards! Our company paid for my meals, lodging and convention ticket- I just paid for my airfare! – 2016 Top #1 Recruiter Award – 2016 Top #1 International Reseller Accounts Award – 2016 Top 10 Performer Appreciation […]

Do You Know Which Chemicals Are In Your Makeup?

Shout-Out to our esteemed Maine Senator U.S. Senator Susan Collins​ for once again, leading the way to a safer world for women! Did You Know? “Cosmetics companies aren’t required to share their safety information with the FDA or report harmful health effects. Most of the limited safety guidelines are voluntarily set by the industry itself. […]

Do You Watch The Doctors on CBS?

Did you catch MakeUp Eraser on the popular CBS show, the Doctors? Medical experts discussed how scrubbing can cause damage to the skin and the science behind how MakeUp Eraser works! Millions of tiny fibers attract the makeup and pull it from your face. Turns out Makeup Eraser is anti-bacterial as well! The episode features […] Makeup Eraser Review did a shout out to my website in their review and guess what- they LOVE the Makeup Eraser, too! Check it out this excerpt from their review and remember to order yours here. You never have to use makeup remover again. Yes, you heard us right! There’s a new one step system for taking […]

WOIO Makeup Eraser Review

TV Station WOIO just broadcasted their Makeup Eraser Review. Check out what Consumer Advocate News Reporter Danielle Serino and a professional clown- yes, a clown think of our product! Many thanks to Danielle at 19 Action News for the opportunity to introduce the Makeup Eraser! You can also find more Makeup Eraser reviews and demos. […]

Don’t Travel this Summer without Packing Your Makeup Eraser

Are you traveling this Summer? Pack your Makeup Eraser and don’t worry about liquid makeup remover spilling or meeting flight regulations! Worried about staining washcloths at the hotel or a friend’s house? Or leaving smeared lipstick or smudged mascara on pillow cases? No worries with the Makeup Eraser. The best part- The Makeup Eraser just […]

Sleeping with Makeup

Say it ain’t so, Dr. Oz!

Say it ain’t so, Dr. Oz! “In a previous show, Dr Oz’s staff tested a bathroom for germs and found that the faucet had 689 RLUs. Stacy’s sample had 3,753 RLUs, from one week of wearing makeup without cleaning it off.” Now, doesn’t that make you want to grab your Makeup Eraser and get that […]

mrs maine pageant

Official Sponsor 2015 Mrs. Maine Pageant

I’m excited to be the Official Sponsor for the 2015 Mrs. Maine Pageant! The Title Winner and Runner-Ups will all receive a complimentary Makeup Eraser. Come cheer on the next Mrs. Maine who will represent the state of Maine in the Mrs. America Pageant! Mrs. Maine Pageant Sunday, March 22, 2015 3pm Seasons Event & […]