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Goodbye Makeup Eraser

It’s Time to Retire My Worn out Original Makeup Eraser

Well, it’s time to say GOODBYE to my Original Makeup Eraser. Almost 4 years and hundreds and hundreds of uses later, this cloth has literally come apart at the seam (a hand-sewn sateen edge, that is). This Original Demo cloth has reMUEved makeup at Corporate Trade Shows in New York City, Minneapolis, Kentucky and Connecticut; […]

2017 CosmoProf Beauty Show AWARD Winner

AWARD NEWS: Each year, the BIGGEST Beauty Show in the USA, CosmoProf chooses 10 Beauty Products to be “TRENDSETTERS” and…. Our Family-Owned Company was chosen for 3 out of 10 Trendsetter Awards!!! That’s right- out of the entire Las Vegas Beauty Show, MUE Lifestyle got 3 AWARDS!! – Makeup Eraser Glove: Clean your Makeup Brushes […]

Two Years with Makeup Eraser and it keeps gettin’ better!

August 1st marks two years with Makeup Eraser. Who knew that a simple yet revolutionary cloth would change my world?! When I joined two years ago, we just had the original Makeup Eraser in pink- now we have six colors, a new MINI size and other amazing products! I’ve built a team of more than […]

Love PURPLE? Love the New PURPLE Makeup Eraser!

Do you often say: “Sorry I’m late, but my Makeup is on point, today!” If so, you need the Makeup Eraser for the end of your day! Take your makeup masterpiece off in mere seconds with just warm water and the Makeup Eraser. So, spend that extra time perfecting your look knowing that tonight, you’ve […]

Think SMALL for Bridal Gifts

Now available! The new MINI sized Makeup Eraser. Ideal for the entire bridal party: – Add to the Bride’s welcome basket – Add to guest bath amenity basket – Tuck in purse to wipe away happy tears and freshen makeup – Personal sized Pink Makeup Eraser in individual boxes – Lasts up to 1,000 washes […]

Mini Makeup Eraser

New! Mini Makeup Eraser is Here!

It’s Heeeerrrreeeee! The new Mini Makeup Eraser is ready to take your makeup off! Cute but mighty, the Mini lasts up to 1,000 washes just like the original size. Pretty in Pink, the personal-sized Mini Makeup Eraser comes in a four pack so you can tuck one in your purse, add one to your guest […]

Guests Should Leave Memories Not Mascara Stains

Do you have out of town family and friends visiting you this summer? Get a Makeup Eraser for your guest bath- no more ruined sheets with messy mascara and lipstick stains! Or…. will you be camping, “glamping” or traveling in an RV this summer? Don’t forget to pack your Makeup Eraser for easy makeup removal […]

Earth Day

Earth Day Tip: Switch to Makeup Eraser

Earth Day is almost here. Here’s a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint: use the Makeup Eraser to remove your makeup, oil, sweat and debris. Over time, all those little makeup wipes, cotton balls and plastic bottles and bags add up in the trash! With Makeup Eraser, there’s no bad CHEMICALS to worry about […]