New! Mini Makeup Eraser is Here!

Mini Makeup Eraser

It’s Heeeerrrreeeee! The new Mini Makeup Eraser is ready to take your makeup off! Cute but mighty, the Mini lasts up to 1,000 washes just like the original size.

Pretty in Pink, the personal-sized Mini Makeup Eraser comes in a four pack so you can tuck one in your purse, add one to your guest bath, add one to a bridal shower basket or use a fresh Mini, daily!

Mini Makeup Eraser Is Perfect For

  • Vacation Travel. It fits into your purse, suitcase, or even your pocket!
  • Removing makeup before working out at gym or tanning appointment.
  • Provide in guest bath. No more mascara-stained towels and pillowcases to deal with.
  • Add to bridal shower basket, or as stocking stuffers.
  • Going Camping or off to summer camp? Use to remove oil, sweat, and debris too.

Small, Yet Powerful

Again, The Mini does everything the full size does, only it’s more convenient to carry with you.

Get your Four Pack of Minis today. That’s like getting up to 4,000 washes!

The new Mini, small but mighty and ready to travel!


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