How to Use the Makeup Eraser, Tips, Questions, and Facts

Below you will find some information on how to use the Makeup Eraser, as well as some questions answered, and facts about it.

How to Use the Makeup Eraser & Wash Tips

There’s no chemicals or special ingredients in the cloth, but since the threads have been flattened during shipping, the fibers need to be “perked up” before first use.

1. Add your Makeup Eraser (MUE) to regular laundry before first use.
2. No special detergents needed- just throw in wash and dryer. It is ok to use fabric softener and dryer sheets. Do NOT use bleach.
3. To use: Wet with warm water. With front side of the cloth (not the side with tag), gently move in circular motions on your face.
4. Turn the cloth over to side with tag and again, use gentle circular motions to wipe your face- this side exfoliates!
5. If you use a lot of waterproof makeup, you might want to rinse with soap and water, then hang to dry.
6. Wring out any additional water and hang on your towel bar to use again the next night.

Can I Get a Free Makeup Eraser Sample?

Of course! You can now get your own free sample of the Makeup Eraser to try out.

What is the Makeup Eraser Made of? How Does it Work?

Wow!The Makeup Eraser is a proprietary woven blend of polyester and silk that’s soft to the touch. There’s are no chemicals on the cloth either and it is 100% natural.

The reason it works is because of how the blend of threads is woven. It’s a special weave of threads, not like a towel or standard cloth. This weave allows the threads in the cloth to break up the cosmetics on your face and pick it up with only warm water.

The polyester and silk blend of threads keeps the process soft on your face. You will not find any other remover on the market that’s as soft on your face as this is.

So, treat yourself to a spa at home everyday, while saving money!

Once you’re convinced, you can buy the Original Makeup Eraser for yourself, friends, family, and anyone who wears makeup!

It ships to 236 countries, and it is the most affordable makeup remover on the market.

Washing Tips for Your Makeup Eraser

I washed it but the stains didn’t come out

1. If you use a lot of water proof makeup on a regular basis, wash used area with soap and water in sink and/or use stain remover before adding to laundry.
2. Is laundry over-loaded? If laundry is over-stuffed, none of the laundry is really clean.
3. Is it an HE Washing Machine? This type uses less water and the stains need the “soap/water” friction to be removed.
4. If you’re using the Makeup Eraser to take face paint off, rinse the cloth with soap and water in sink before adding to laundry.
5. It is perfectly fine to hand-wash your MUE and “hit” well used area with soap and water.
6.  How old is your mascara? Brand? Some mascaras have a synthetic coal tar-like substance that makes it hard to come out of the cloth. Treat with stain remover or use Dawn brand Dish Detergent.

Note: If small stains don’t come out, it doesn’t affect how well the cloth works, but of course we do like to say that most stains will come out!

All of My Makeup Isn’t Coming Off

Black Makeup Eraser1. Make sure you’ve liberally wet the Makeup Eraser with WARM water.
2. For waterproof and semi-permanent makeup: gently rest the cloth on the area for a few seconds before using circular motions to remove.
3. Make sure you are using the MUE side withOUT the tag; the short weave is the side made especially for removing makeup. Longer weave side with a tag is for exfoliating and drying your face.

Makeup Eraser vs Microfiber Cloth

The Makeup Eraser is made with a proprietary woven blend of polyester. That’s how it’s able to remove all your makeup with just warm water.

A microfiber cloth, while similar, is not woven in such a way to allow it to properly remove makeup. Also, the MUE does not collect odor and bacteria as microfiber cloth does.

So, as far as Makeup Eraser vs microfiber cloth, there honestly is no comparison. The microfiber cloth will not remove the makeup, it’s going to have an odor, and it’s not going to clean properly.

However, a Makeup Eraser is going to remove all your makeup with warm water, be reusable (up to 1,000 washes), and cleans in your normal laundry.

Fast Facts

  • The Makeup Eraser was started in 2012 by three generations of women in one family.
  • No more wasting money on liquid makeup removers and throwaway items like wipes and cotton balls.
  • Cloth gently removes 3D waterproof mascara, face paint, everyday makeup.
  • Front Side with short weave removes makeup.
  • Simply wet with warm water, use gentle circular motions to remove makeup.
  • Back Side of the cloth with tag exfoliates and dries skin.
  • This soft cloth does not collect odor or bacteria like a regular scratchy wash cloth, so you don’t have to wash it every day.
  • It’s the proprietary poly blend’s special weave that’s the secret to making it work!
  • No chemicals, no gimmicks, no kidding!
  • Stains will come out in wash.
  • Add to regular laundry, no special detergents needed.
  • 30 day money-back guarantee. But I know you’ll love it!
  • The MUE was featured on NBC’s Today Show and reviewed by Bobbie’s Beauty Buzz, Makeup Artist Magazine, Fox News and several local TV News Stations and Newspapers. Check out those reviews!