Become a Makeup Eraser Distributor

The Career Opportunity for being a Makeup Eraser Distributor is only for US Residents and US Territories including Guam, US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and overseas on military bases for those who are proudly serving Our Country.

Makeup Eraser Distributor

It’s a great time to be a Makeup Eraser Distributor, aka: Consultants. With less than 2,700 distributors nationwide, NOW is the time to join and become a Makeup Eraser distributor!

When you join my team, you can earn money via your free website, in-person sales and local events, fundraisers and an important difference compared to most direct sales companies: by establishing wholesale accounts at independently owned spas, salons, boutiques and other shops.

We are NOT home-party consultants; we’re called “Distributors” for a very good reason!

You can rank up by building your team and/or by securing new reseller accounts. You can recruit in USA, Guam, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands. For Resellers, you can reach out to shops in about 200 countries that we ship to!

As one of the companies top performers, I have a team from Maine to California and everywhere in between and I help them to succeed too!

Distributor Benefits and Features

Free Website – Unlike other companies who charge you for a website, you get it for free. That’s more money in your pocket to put towards other parts of your business!

No Annual Enrollment Fees – Along with your free website, there’s no annual fee for your back office support including access to professional ads!

Zero Territories – It doesn’t matter if you’re the first in your city to sell the Makeup Eraser or the 10th because your sales are not restricted to where you live.

No Long Term Commitment – There’s no stressful contract forcing you into any term commitment with the company.

3 Starter Kits to choose from starting at $25 – It’s affordable to get started selling the Makeup Eraser. The Starter Kit qualifies you as an active Makeup Eraser Distributor so you can begin your new career!

No large product portfolio to memorize or stock – With our beauty solution products you don’t have to worry about remembering all sorts of details and buying catalogs. You can focus on just selling our flagship product Makeup Eraser or sharing our expanded offerings including AmpliLash, and Cellu-cup.

Makeup Eraser offers lots of incentives including monetary bonuses, free products, opportunity to earn a FREE INCENTIVE TRIP and even up to $2,100 monthly bonus!

Check out this enrollment guide that explains the various starter kits and inventory kits.

Curious about the opportunity? Like to join the team? Contact me!

Your Free Website

Your website will be live as soon as you enroll, so figure out what you would like for a website name. Example:

Once you’re enrolled, share your website link with family and friends and start earning!

Retailers – Looking to Sell Wholesale?

Makeup Eraser Wholesale Program

If you have a retail location in United States, or one of the many countries we ship to, and would like to sell the Makeup Eraser then read more about setting up a wholesale account.

Why Join My Team?

I LOVE My MUE Lifestyle!

For over 3 years, I’ve been a consistent top performer with this family-owned company and I do not miss my office cube days – especially when I earn trips to Mexico and Arizona, plus earning FREE products!

StacyYou can earn a bonus towards a cell phone, a car, and a house bonus. That’s up to $2,100 a month just in BONUSES!!!

MUE Lifestyle, powered by Makeup Eraser, has thrown the “traditional” direct sales model out the door and can offer you a modern, flexible way to build your own business.

You don’t have to rely on at-home parties to earn a paycheck, and there’s no mandatory seasonal catalogs to buy.

I share our beauty solutions products like the Makeup Eraser with makeup junkies and regular gals like you and me! Plus…. I can share our wholesale program with stores, salons, and boutiques for even more income potential! Not to mention being able to do fundraisers as well.

The potential reach with the MUE Lifestyle products is pretty amazing.

I’m here to help you grow your business. I train all of my team members, so you are armed with the best information possible. I want to help you succeed and I’m readily available for any questions you have and to offer you help.

Every week I make myself available for phone calls, Facebook chat, etc., so that I can directly answer any questions or concerns you have. I occasionally do live chats as well with the entire team because that’s what it comes down to – having the team succeed.

Contact me so I can help mentor you to success, too!

My Awards


Leadership Council: 1 Of only 3 chosen by my peers.


Top 6 of 50 for Cancun, Mexico Incentive Trip
Top 10 Appreciation Award
#1 International Sales
Top 6 of 25 Chosen for MUE Lifestyle Leadership Council


#1 Recruiter & Mentor
#1 International Sales
Top 10 Appreciation Award
Top 4 of 50 for Cabo, Mexico Incentive Trip


Appreciation Award Recipient
Bahamas Incentive Trip Winner

By joining my team I will help you succeed with your own business.