How to Apply AmpliLash for Amp’d Up Lush Lashes

Perhaps you’re taking a break from having lash extensions professionally applied or perhaps you’re disappointed in your regular box store mascara results.  Personally, before AmpliLash, I had never tried fiber lash mascara– it looked to difficult to apply and I sure didn’t want that “spidery look”!

With AmpliLash, the professional quality ingredients make the wand work like “magic”! Mascara goes on smoothly. Tip: Apply fibers to the length of your lash, but not to the base of your lash closest to your eye. Since our fibers are so ultra-thin, your lashes won’t feel heavy or flaky.  I love how AmpliLash stays on all day but comes off easily with just water and our Makeup Eraser!

I could go on and on about how great how our Made in USA AmpliLash is, but check out this video yourself and visit my website to buy yours!

No fancy editing, just “real results” makeup tutorial for applying AmpliLash. When applied correctly, you’ll have longer, fuller natural-looking lashes “instantly”!





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