Earth Day Tip: Switch to Makeup Eraser

Earth Day

Earth Day is almost here. Here’s a simple way to reduce your carbon footprint: use the Makeup Eraser to remove your makeup, oil, sweat and debris.

Over time, all those little makeup wipes, cotton balls and plastic bottles and bags add up in the trash!

With Makeup Eraser, there’s no bad CHEMICALS to worry about either- simply wet with warm water and use circular motions to gently remove makeup.

At just $20, the Makeup Eraser will save you a lot of money, too. Average cost for disposable makeup wipes loaded with chemicals: $8 per month for 25 wipes. Makeup Eraser lasts up to 1,000 washes, so you could easily save more than $388 over a few years!

It’s a habit-changer, but using the eco-friendly Makeup Eraser- just makes sense!

This Earth Day, go eco-friendly! Get your Makeup Eraser in Pink, Black, Baby Blue or Red.

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