2017 CosmoProf Beauty Show AWARD Winner

AWARD NEWS: Each year, the BIGGEST Beauty Show in the USA, CosmoProf chooses 10 Beauty Products to be “TRENDSETTERS” and…. Our Family-Owned Company was chosen for 3 out of 10 Trendsetter Awards!!! That’s right- out of the entire Las Vegas Beauty Show, MUE Lifestyle got 3 AWARDS!! – Makeup Eraser Glove: Clean your Makeup Brushes […]

Do You Watch The Doctors on CBS?

Did you catch MakeUp Eraser on the popular CBS show, the Doctors? Medical experts discussed how scrubbing can cause damage to the skin and the science behind how MakeUp Eraser works! Millions of tiny fibers attract the makeup and pull it from your face. Turns out Makeup Eraser is anti-bacterial as well! The episode features […]

StyleBlazer.com Makeup Eraser Review

StyleBlazer.com did a shout out to my website in their review and guess what- they LOVE the Makeup Eraser, too! Check it out this excerpt from their review and remember to order yours here. You never have to use makeup remover again. Yes, you heard us right! There‚Äôs a new one step system for taking […]

WOIO Makeup Eraser Review

TV Station WOIO just broadcasted their Makeup Eraser Review. Check out what Consumer Advocate News Reporter Danielle Serino and a professional clown- yes, a clown think of our product! Many thanks to Danielle at 19 Action News for the opportunity to introduce the Makeup Eraser! You can also find more Makeup Eraser reviews and demos. […]

Makeup Eraser Video Demo

Makeup Eraser Cloth – Video Demo

Does the Makeup Eraser cloth really work? It’s like a magic eraser, but it’s really the proprietary poly blend cloth’s special weave that removes ALL makeup with just warm water. Check it out, then get yours!

KVUE TV News: Makeup Eraser Review

Makeup Eraser is on the NEWS again with a Makeup Eraser review! After watching this TV NEWS Report, you’ll want to order your own Makeup Eraser. If you’re still not convinced then check out these other reviews.

Real Makeup Eraser Review from Flawless Beauty Bar

Seeing is believing! Another happy retail location offering their customers the Makeup Eraser! If you want to stock the Makeup Eraser at your independently-owned salon, spa or boutique in the USA or 1 of 236 countries we ship to, contact STACY and ask me about special pricing via the Makeup Eraser Wholesale Program. Some of […]